Our Story

Josoor was founded in December 2015. Before that one and a half year of planning went into the realisation of Josoor and it was totally worth it!

Facing The Problem
2014 – 2015

Co- Founder Qutaiba arrived in Germany in December 2014. He applied for asylum – and had to wait. And wait. And wait. It was one of the worst times in his life. He was suffering from loneliness, the lack of a social life, feeling lost and useless.
He wanted to meet people and do something useful with his time but for months, all he could do was sitting in his room, looking at the walls all day long. He got so depressed that he couldn’t even concentrate on learning German.

Analysing The Problem
March – August 2015

Being a whole- hearted analytic as he is, he started researching & analysing the problems for refugees in Germany that he was faced with himself. He then extended his research to local supporters and organisations – and an idea started forming.

Two Souls, One Purpose
August – September 2015

After he helped found a small NGO in Germany, he went to Croatia to volunteer as a translator for refugees on their way.
Coincidence had it that Natalie, a student from Vienna, whole- hearted humanitarian as she is, after two volunteering trips to Hungary and one to Serbia went to Croatia as well. They spent a few days working side by side and a couple days later met again in Vienna to volunteer at the train stations.
Both felt the need to participate in the relief efforts for refugees on their way through Europe but they knew all along that this couldn’t replace working on long-term solutions for what comes next after they reached their destinations.

Turning The Idea Into Reality
October 2015 – present

They instantly connected, spent the next week together, and started talking about large scale solutions. What Natalie did not know was that Qutaiba already had a vision. And what Qutaiba did not know was that Natalie had inherited some money half a year before and was intensively searching for something good to do with it – it was perfect.
Qutaiba decided to stay in Vienna to start on the project while Natalie went to Nepal for a research project. He started preparing, she helped as much as she could from there. After she returned, they founded JOSOOR, built a team, and started developing the #1 Community Platform for refugees & locals.

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