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JOSOOR was founded by a refugee from Syria & a supporter from Austria. It is a Vienna-based NGO working on developing the first Community Platform for Refugees, Locals & Organisations – all over Europe!
The vision of Josoor, which means “Bridges” in Arabic, is to provide a simple, easily accessible social platform to connect everybody involved in the so-called “refugee crisis” to build engaging, empowered communities and provide these communities with tools to develop solutions for themselves.

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Why Josoor?

Refugees were forced to leave their homes to find safety and start a new life in a new country. They have many questions, they need a lot of information – but they don’t know where to start searching.

They need to find a place to live, get settled, learn the language, find a school for their children, build a new life – but they are struggling with the bureaucracy and don’t speak the local language yet.
They see that some people don’t want them here but heard that others are happy to welcome them into their communities – but they don’t know where to meet them.
They want to participate in their community and put their talents to use instead of just passively receiving help – but they don’t know where their help is needed.

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So many locals want to meet refugees, make them feel welcome. But don’t know how to get in touch with them. So many people want to help refugees, but for them it’s overwhelming to find out where to best put their efforts as well – and helping becomes complicated and exhausting.

There are many existing solutions available, but…

… there is no overview

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… there is no overview

The organisational landscape is difficult to grasp: all these initiatives providing awesome solutions but no overview of where to find which one of them.

For refugees as well as supporters its hard to find out where to get which kind of help, and it’s just as difficult for NGOs to reach their target groups.

…they don’t include refugees as part of the solution

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…they don’t include refugees as part of the solution

Most initiatives don’t let refugees participate in the solution process which leads to two problems:

Refugees are being put in the position of victimised,“useless”, passive recipients of help instead of having the chance to be active, useful members of the community.

A lot of efforts and resources are being wasted by being put into solutions that don’t fit with the real needs and priorities of the target group.

… they are not accessible

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… they are not accessible

Most solution providers don’t inform about their services in languages other than the local ones.

Most refugees, however motivated they are to learn the local language, naturally dont speak it in the beginning - which is exactly the time when they would need access to information the most.

This leads to:

Dependency for refugees who have to rely on translators

Pressure for supporters who have to translate the smallest things

Keeps organisations from reaching their target groups

...there is no platform enabling communication & cooperation between Initiatives

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... there is no platform enabling communication & cooperation between Initiatives

For organisations, having a platform to easily communicate with each other could save a lot of time and resources, overall increasing efficiency, impact and coherence by exchanging experiences, sharing ideas and partnering up to expand solutions to other areas.

It’s time to build a platform that connects everything and everyone in one place!

How will it work?

Josoor will not only connect the existing solutions while making them accessible in one place. More than that, it will provide the tools for the creation of new solutions – from the community for the community.

A platform where refugees & locals can connect & find everything they need – in one place!

Social Life

Josoor helps refugees build a social life and feel welcome in their new home and enables locals to easily get in touch with them.

- how? -

connect with other refugees & locals both online & offline

join exciting events and meet likeminded people

create events & activities to share your hobbies and interests with others


Accessibility and participation are our core principles which is why we will provide everything in as many languages as possible.

- how? -

Josoor will be available in Arabic, English, Farsi and German with more to be added later

Our team will make sure to translate all permanent location descriptions.

The information guide will be provided in four different versions, one for each language

Tips & Information

With our information guide, you will be able to get all the information you need and share your knowledge & experience with others.

- how? -

get tips and information about your new home from supporters and other refugees

ask questions and receive answers from other community members

easily navigate and find information based on your community or category

Map Overview

With our Geolocation feature, it will be easier than ever to get an overview of what kind of help is provided where.

- how? -

location and description of organisations

location and description of public services

location and description of events and activities

Participate and get involved

We believe it is impossible to create powerful long-term solutions without the community’s participation.

- how? -

Help others by answering questions posted in the information guide

Members can use our translation tool to help translate events and activities posted by other members

Respond to volunteering requests posted by organisations and initiatives in their community

Voice your opinion & give us Feedback to help us make sure to keep providing and developing the best solutions in accordance with the community’s needs

All questions and answers will be saved in an organised structure to build a knowledge database that will help new members find information easily.

For Organisations

We are also creating Josoor to build bridges between organisations to encourage and support the cooperation between them and connect them with a strong, active, engaging community of refugees & locals.

Cooperation & Contact Management

Get an overview of the organisational landscape all over europe

Connect with and message other organisations

Volunteering & HR Management

Get support from the community

Find the right talents to be part of your team

Events & Fundraising

Connect with the community by organising events in your area.

Get support from the community by organising Fundraising events

Grants &

Organisations and Fund providers will be able to easily connect with ech other

About us


Q. When are you going to launch Josoor?

We expect to launch the first version of Josoor in Summer 2017.

Q. What is your launch strategy for the platform?

We will first launch Josoor in Vienna with only a few features before launching it in other cities and countries while constantly adding more features.

This way, we can test the feature and include feedback from the community to be able to develop the rest of the platform based on the members’ needs and priorities.

Q. With which features will the first version come?
– Josoor Question & Answer
(To spread information & knowledge)

– Josoor Road Map
(You get to vote and decide on future features and projects by Josoor)

Q. How long will it take to test the platform and add more features?

We are planning to test the first version and collect feedback for 3 – 6 months while at the same time continue working on developing the next features.

However, this question mostly depends on the amounts of funds we can generate during the crowdfunding campaign.

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